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Who participates in the Washington Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Payment Project?

Who participates in Washington Link4Health?

The first service of Washington Link4Health is the clinical data repository (CDR), which will be operational in 2016. This is a service that can be purchased by many employers and insurers, and HCA is the first customer of the service in our state. The first group of lives whose clinical records will be included are the 1.4 million Apple Health (Medicaid) clients who are assigned to receive their care through managed care plans. As more sponsors purchase this service, more lives and groups will be included in this type of support for improving health care coordination and outcomes.

Several major health care delivery systems are participating, with a growing list of others who are beginning the readiness and early testing steps. In January 2016, the managed care plans forwarded a letter to all providers who are contracted with them, advising them of a 13-month "readiness" period. This will help ensure providers are prepared for required submission of the after-visit care summary no later than February 2017, per their contract.

Not all providers are required to participate at this time. The letter listed the three criteria that determines if a provider is required to participate.

Our team, along with the technical managers from OneHealthPort, are reaching out to the electronic health records (EHR) system vendors who have sold EHR systems to more than 5,000 clinics and 88 hospitals around our state. Our efforts are to inform them of this service, and notify them that providers will be contacting them to make sure their own EHR system has the ability to automatically transmit after-care summary electronically to the CDR each time an Apple Health client is seen for care.