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Mental health

We have two projects focused on increasing the utilization of evidence-based clinical and delivery system practices in the provision of mental health treatment for beneficiaries of state Medicaid programs.

The Medication Practice Improvement Collaborative

The collaborative is a partnership between the Health Care Authority (HCA) and the Washington Community Mental Health Council to establish a quality improvement project based in community mental health clinics.


Eleven participating clinics joined a 16-month learning collaborative focused on improving medication adherence and decreasing unnecessary Emergency Room (ER) use, hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations among Medicaid eligible adults with serious mental illness.


The collaborative curriculum is based on current literature and best practices to develop standard protocols, practices and workflows that improve the medication management process and medication adherence. Expert faculty address related clinical topics and skill areas, and provide specific training in rapid cycle improvement methods.


Clinic teams will receive HCA-developed prescriber feedback reports on clinical quality indicators and will have access to the PRISM application, a web-based clinical decision support tool.

The Mental Health Peer Review Project

The Project is a partnership between the HCA and the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences to provide consultation to Medicaid prescribers who meet targeted review flags related to polypharmacy.


The overall goal of this project is to improve adherence and prescriptive practices through safe and effective use of antipsychotic and other psychiatric medications.


Participating prescribers will receive the HCA-developed prescriber feedback reports on clinical quality indicators, alongside consultation with tailored information related to their individual patient population. The University of Washington provided details on the first phase of work and the final report on the project.


Additionally, the prescriber feedback reports are being made available statewide to prescribers of mental health drugs to adult Medicaid clients who meet the report criteria. Current Endorsing Providers of the Washington State Preferred Drug List (PDL) can access their feedback reports through their existing account.


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