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Doctors and other professional providers

Most doctors will be either Primary Care or Specialty providers, and you should see providers affiliated with your UMP Plus network. Use the “Start my search” link to find one of these providers.

Other health care providers

Ancillary:  Most other providers are considered “ancillary.” You may see either a UMP Plus or a Regence network provider for these services and receive network-level services. Examples of ancillary providers include physical therapists, mental health providers, and hospice. Use the “Start my search” link to find one of these providers.

ALERT! If you receive non-emergency services from a network provider at a non-network or out-of-network facility, the plan pays charges by the facility at 50%, and out-of-network facilities may balance bill you; see a few exceptions to this.

Hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care

  • Hospitals:  For most inpatient hospital services, you should visit a hospital affiliated with your UMP Plus network. Find a UMP Plus hospital.
  • Emergency services:  You may use any Regence or UMP Plus network emergency room and receive network-level coverage (as long as your visit is determined to be a medical emergency); see more about emergency providers. Find a network emergency provider.
  • Urgent care:  You will receive network coverage for any Regence network urgent care facility. Find a network urgent care provider.