Uniform Medical Plan (UMP)

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How is this different from the website search at the top of each page?

The website search you see at the top of the page searches all sections of the Health Care Authority website. You can limit your search to the UMP webpages by selecting Search UMP. 

The website search will not find UMP FAQs (knowledgebase items).

What’s in the FAQs that isn’t on the web pages?

Search the UMP FAQs for supplementary information, such as greater detail about coverage policies and procedures.

Search the UMP FAQs

How to search the FAQs

  • Click the "Search the UMP FAQs" button above.
  • Type in a keyword over "Enter keywords" (a single word or short phrase works best).

Example: If you are looking for information on deductibles, type "deductible" in the box. You can always narrow your search if you get too many results. For tips, see "Help for searching UMP FAQs" below.