Find a Preferred Provider/Doctor or Network Pharmacy

With UMP Classic and UMP CDHP, you are free to choose your own providers, including specialists, without getting approval from the plan.

While your plan doesn't require you to have a primary care provider, having one is the right thing to do for your health. With a primary care provider, you get care from someone who knows you and can coordinate your care if you need specialty treatment. You're also more likely to get the preventive care screenings you need when you have a primary care provider.

The plans pay for services only when performed by a covered provider type. If you see an out-of-network provider that is not a covered provider type, the services are not covered.

At the Doctor's Office

Be sure to show your member ID card whenever you see your provider. The card has important information your provider needs to have your claim processed correctly.

Coverage in Washington, Nationwide, and Around the World

UMP Classic and UMP CDHP members have access to Regence BlueShield providers and Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan providers in the U.S. and worldwide through the BlueCard program. The BlueCard program provides inpatient and outpatient hospital care and physician services when you're traveling or living outside the U.S., or in any other areas covered by the domestic BlueCard program.

To find a BlueCard provider anywhere in the U.S., use the Provider Search tool. For providers outside the U.S., call 1-800-810-BLUE or search the online Blue National Doctor and Hospital Finder.

A Special Note About Massage Therapy

Please remember that UMP Classic and UMP CDHP do not cover services provided by out-of-network massage therapists.

If you are looking for a dentist, please see the Uniform Dental Plan (UDP) website. UDP is not affiliated with UMP.