General Information and Requirements

Updated 1/24/2014

Employees of state government, higher education, participating K-12 school districts, participating educational service districts, and participating employer groups have 60 days from their initial date of eligibility to enroll in optional life insurance.

For an explanation of life insurance benefits reference the materials below:

See the System Keying PAY1 section for instructions on keying Final Action Notices (FANs), Premium Waivers, Accelerated Benefit Claims, Transfer of Insurance, etc.



System Keying PAY1: Life Insurance Processes

Common Questions and Issues

WAC References

  • 182-08-187 Correcting Enrollment Errors
  • 182-08-197 When must newly eligible employees select PEBB benefits and complete enrollment forms?
  • 182-12-133 What options for continuation coverage are available to employees on certain types of leave or whose work ends due to a layoff?
  • 182-12-136 May an employee on approved educational leave waive continuation coverage?
  • 182-12-138 What options are available if an employee is approved for the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
  • 182-12-141 If I revert from an eligible position to another position, what happens to my insurance coverage?
  • 182-12-142 What options for continuation of coverage are available to faculty and seasonal employees who are between periods of eligibility?
  • 182-12-148 What options for continuation coverage are available to employees during their appeal of dismissal?