Who does Washington Wellness help?

We help wellness coordinators and teams at organizations receiving health benefits through the Public Employees Benefits (PEB). Organizations include state agencies, higher education institutions, and other public employers. We help you build and grow your wellness program regardless of where your organization is on your wellness journey.

Note: Are you looking for information on PEB benefits? If so, go to PEB.

Where do I start?

Start with Build Your Wellness Program to help walk you through the eight steps to build the infrastructure for a sustainable wellness program.

Can I earn an award?

Yes, for all your hard work, your organization can achieve recognition with our annual Zo8 Award. The Zo8 Award celebrates the great work you do. Go to Zo8 Award for more details.

What else do you have?

Go to the rest of our website to find more wellness tools and resources to add to your wellness program. For example, you can stay connected to SmartHealth, attend one of our Meetings and Trainings, or use our Tools and Resources. We always welcome your input and ideas. Feel free to share your valuable feedback to wawellness@hca.wa.gov.