The Prescription Drug Program has developed several tools, released discount card programs, and pooled resources with other organizations with the same goal in mind... providing information and programs that serve the residents of Washington and their current needs for prescription drug purchasing assistance.

Tips For Cutting Costs

Sometimes, just knowing where to start is the hard part. Here are some easy tips that could help you save money right away with your prescription drug costs. Learn more.

WPDP Prescription Drug Discount Card

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Patient Assistance Programs

Low-income individuals without insurance may qualify for Patient Assistance Programs. Patient Assistance Programs provide free or low-cost medications to those who are eligible for the programs.

Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium

The Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium is working to make prescription drugs more affordable to Washington residents by pooling the buying power of state agencies, local government, businesses, labor organizations and uninsured or underinsured consumers. Learn more.