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It is time to get paid with ProviderOne!

Billing in ProviderOne began January 15, 2015. The way social and medical services providers claim and receive payment for Medicaid services changed. The Social Service Payment System (SSPS) migrated to an online electronic system known as ProviderOne. To claim and receive payment for clients who are eligible for Medicaid services all providers will need to enroll with ProviderOne.

What is ProviderOne all about?

ProviderOne is an online, electronic system that gives social services providers (such as adult family homes, supported living, home care agencies) and medical providers (such as nurse delegators, adult day health) greater flexibility to manage Medicaid claims. Changing from a 30-year-old phone and paper billing system to an online, electronic system offers convenience, greater ease of claims management, and more frequent payment options. Learn more about ProviderOne here.

Who are the affected providers?

In 2010, most medical providers in Washington State transitioned to ProviderOne. No more SSPS Invoices. No more claiming Medicaid services by phone/paper. Social service providers that provide care to clients who receive Medicaid must now submit claims online using the ProviderOne system.

Where can I get trained to use ProviderOne?

A series of factsheets and presentations offer a preview of what it will be like to use ProviderOne and the benefits. If you provide Medicaid social services and/or social service medical there are several resources available to help you learn how to submit claims in ProviderOne. Take the short online training modules, download step-by-step “How to Guides” or sign up for live webinars. See the training page for more details.​