To provide healthcare services to an eligible medical assistance client, all healthcare professionals, healthcare entities, suppliers or contractors of service must have an approved Core Provider Agreement (CPA) or be enrolled as a performing provider on an approved CPA otherwise any request for payment will be denied (WAC 182-502-0005).

Individual healthcare professionals who wish to enroll for the sole purpose of ordering, referring and prescribing services for Washington Medicaid clients may enroll as a Nonbilling Individual Provider (WAC 182-502-0006).

Providers should expect the following timelines to process applications:

  • Applications submitted on-line:  expect up to 30 days to process.
  • Applications submitted hard copy:  expect up to 90 days to process.
  • If an application is out of state, requires program approval, missing required information or documents, you should expect the applications to take longer to process.

Become a Medicaid Provider

Providers who would like to become a Washington Medicaid Provider need to complete the online application process.  Read through the 5 steps below and gather your documentation before starting.  The agency does not pay for services provided to clients during the application process, regardless of whether the agency later approves or denies the application, except as provided in WAC 182-502-0005.

Providers who wish to enroll as a Nonbilling Individual Provider must complete the Agreement for Nonbilling Individual Providers given in Step 1 below. This type of application cannot be completed using the online application process.

Tips: for completing the online application.

E-Learning for Provider One

Your computer will need audio/speaker capability to listen.

Click on the topic you want to learn about below.  Each topic is broken out by each step so you can easily access a specific area within the topic to view or review as necessary.

Step 1: Print the following documents, complete, and obtain required signatures.

Documents required to enroll with the Core Provider Agreement:

To enroll as Nonbilling Individual Provider:

Individual healthcare professionals who wish to enroll for the sole purpose of ordering, referring and prescribing services for Washington Medicaid clients may enroll as a Nonbilling Individual Provider. The Nonbilling Individual Provider Agreement should not be used to enroll with HCA with the intent to submit claims to HCA for reimbursement. For additional information, refer to the Nonbilling Individual Provider Agreement and WAC 182-502-0006.

Note:  Any existing CPA and/or any enrollment under a group of providers for the individual will be terminated and replaced by the Nonbilling Individual Provider Agreement.

The following documents must be sent to the agency to enroll as a Nonbilling Individual provider:

  • Nonbilling Individual Provider Agreement in PDF and Word
  • Copy of Liability Insurance

Step 2: Gather supporting documents to enroll with the CPA.

The following documents must be sent to the agency as part of the online enrollment application process:

Step 3: Complete the online enrollment application process.

You can apply to become a Washington State Medicaid provider using our online enrollment application. You need to send all required documentation and signatures. At the end of the application process, you will be given instructions for sending the necessary documents.

There is help available on each screen as you move through the application. If you have any questions, you may contact our customer service at 1-800-562-3022, ext. 16137.

Access online enrollment application (link does not work for Health Care Authority staff)

Step 4: After completing your application:

Signatures are required on: Core Provider Agreement, Ownership, Debarment, and Electronic Funds Transfer form.

Documentation sent to Provider Enrollment requires a document submission cover sheet. You will be prompted to complete the document submission cover sheet as part of the online enrollment process.

Mail or Fax all enrollment documentation to:

Provider Enrollment
PO Box 45562
Olympia, WA 98504-5562

Fax:  360-725-2144

Do not send the following:

  • Double-sided documentation.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resumes'.
  • Copies of drivers' licenses or passports.

Your application will be processed in the order it is received. All supporting documentation must be received to complete the review and verification of your application. The review and verification process takes 4-6 weeks. Once you receive your ProviderOne ID and security information, you are a current Washington Medicaid provider. If you have questions about your enrollment application, call 1-800-562-3022, ext. 16137, 8 a.m. to 4:30 pm PST Monday - Friday.

Step 5: Check the status of your enrollment application online.

If you started an online enrollment but have not completed the required steps, you may track your online enrollment application (link does not work for Health Care Authority staff) by using the system generated Application ID, and the SSN or FEIN you entered on the enrollment. This allows you to complete the enrollment and submit it to DSHS for review and approval.

If your enrollment is approved you will be given a new ProviderOne id. You will also need security credentials to log into ProviderOne. Please complete the Provider Supplemental Information Form to request a ProviderOne user id and password. Once you have these credentials you can log into ProviderOne at (

For more information on managing your provider file, go to:

Tips for completing the online application

Questions? Call 1-800-562-3022, ext. 16137

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