Medicaid (Title XIX) State Plan

The State Plan is the officially recognized statement describing the nature and scope of Washington State's Medicaid program.

Table of Contents


Administering Medicaid Programs Numbered Pages

Organization of the State Medicaid Agency

 Superseded by Medicaid MAGI Eligibility and Benefits

Attachment 1


Client Coverage & Eligibility Attachment 2
Scope of Care and Types of Services Attachment 3
​Health Homes Attachment 3.1-H
​Community First Choice Attachment 3.1-K
​Alternative Benefit Plan Attachment 3.1-L
Determining Payment to Providers Attachment 4
Plan for Title VI-Non-discrimination Attachment 7
​Medicaid MAGI Eligibility and Benefits Medicaid MAGI

The State Plan on this website is for informational purposes only and is not legally binding. The official Plan is maintained by CMS Region X.