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182-500-0005Medical Definitions
182-500-0010Medical assistance definitions -- A.
182-500-0015Medical assistance definitions -- B.
182-500-0020Medical assistance definitions -- C.
182-500-0025Medical assistance definitions -- D.
182-500-0030Medical assistance definitions -- E.
182-500-0035Medical assistance definitions -- F.
182-500-0040Medical assistance definitions -- G.
182-500-0045Medical assistance definitions -- H.
182-500-0050Medical assistance definitions -- I.
182-500-0065Medical assistance definitions -- L.
182-500-0070Medical assistance definitions -- M.
182-500-0075Medical assistance definitions -- N.
182-500-0080Medical assistance definitions -- O.
182-500-0085Medical assistance definitions -- P.
182-500-0090Medical assistance definitions -- Q.
182-500-0095Medical assistance definitions -- R.
182-500-0100Medical assistance definitions -- S.
182-500-0105Medical assistance definitions -- T.
182-500-0110Medical assistance definitions -- U.
182-500-0120Medical assistance definitions -- W.
182-501-0050Healthcare general coverage. (Emergency rule effective 8/17/12.)
182-501-0060Healthcare coverage--Program benefits packages--Scope of service categories. (Emergency rule effective 8/17/12.)
182-501-0065Healthcare coverage -- Description of covered categories of service. (Emergency rule effective 8/17/12.)
182-501-0070Healthcare coverage--Noncovered services.
182-501-0135Patient review and coordination (PRC).
182-502-0160Billing a client.
182-503-0001Insurance affordability programs -- Overview.
182-503-0005Washington apple health -- How to apply.
182-503-0010Washington apple health -- Who can apply.
182-503-0040Washington apple health -- Interview requirements.
182-503-0050Washington apple health -- Verification requirements.
182-503-0060Washington apple health -- Application processing times.
182-503-0070Washington apple health -- When coverage begins.
182-503-0080Washington apple health -- Application denials and withdrawals.
182-503-0090Washington apple health -- Exceptions to rule.
182-503-0100Washington apple health -- Rights and responsibilities.
182-503-0110Washington apple health -- Limited-English proficient (LEP) services.
182-503-0120Washington apple health -- Equal access services.
182-503-0505Washington apple health -- General eligibility requirements.
182-503-0510Washington apple health -- Program summary.
182-503-0515Washington apple health -- Social Security number requirements.
182-503-0520Washington apple health -- Residency requirements -- Persons who are not residing in an institution.
182-503-0525Washington apple health -- Residency requirements for an institutionalized person.
182-503-0530Citizenship and alien status -- Definitions.
182-503-0535Washington apple health -- Citizenship and alien status.
182-503-0540Assignment of rights and cooperation.
182-503-0565Washington apple health -- Age requirements for medical programs based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).
182-504-0005Washington apple health -- Retroactive certification period.
182-504-0015Washington apple health -- Certification periods for categorically needy programs.
182-504-0020Certification periods for the noninstitutional medically needy (MN) program.
182-504-0025Medicare savings program certification periods.
182-504-0035Washington apple health -- Renewals.
182-504-0105Washington apple health -- Changes that must be reported.
182-504-0110Washington apple health -- When to report changes.
182-504-0120Washington apple health -- Effective dates of changes.
182-504-0125Washington apple health -- Effect of reported changes.
182-504-0130Washington apple health -- Continued coverage pending an appeal.
182-505-0100Washington apple health -- Monthly income standards based on the federal poverty level (FPL).
182-505-0115Washington apple health -- Eligibility for pregnant women.
182-505-0117Washington apple health -- Eligibility for pregnant minors.
182-505-0120Breast and cervical cancer treatment program (BCCTP) for women--Client eligibility.
182-505-0210Washington apple health -- Eligibility for children.
182-505-0211Washington apple health -– Foster Care
182-505-0215Washington apple health -- Premium-based children's program -- Purpose and scope.
182-505-0225Premium-based Washington apple health for kids -- Premium requirements.
182-505-0235Washington apple health -- Premium-based children's program -- Order of payments.
182-505-0237Premium-based Washington apple health for kids -- Other rules that apply.
182-505-0240Washington apple health -- Parents and caretaker relatives.
182-505-0250Washington apple health -- MAGI-based adult medical.
182-506-0010Medical assistance units (MAU) for MAGI-based Washington apple health programs
182-506-0015Medical assistance units for non-MAGI-based Washington apple health programs.
182-507-0110Washington apple health -- Alien medical programs.
182-507-0115Alien emergency medical program (AEM).
182-507-0120Alien medical for dialysis and cancer treatment.
182-507-0125State-funded long-term care services program.
182-507-0130Refugee medical assistance (RMA)
182-507-0135Immigration status requirements for refugee medical assistance (RMA).
182-508-0001Washington apple health – Coverage options for adults not eligible under modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) methodologies.
182-508-0005Eligibility for medical care services.
182-508-0150Enrollment cap for medical care services (MCS).
182-509-0001Countable income for Washington apple health programs.
182-509-0220Washington apple health -- How resources are considered.
182-509-0225Excluded resources for family medical programs
182-509-0300Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).
182-509-0305MAGI income -- Persons subject to the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) methodology.
182-509-0310MAGI income -- Timing of income.
182-509-0315MAGI income -- Ownership of income.
182-509-0320MAGI income -- Noncountable income.
182-509-0325MAGI income -- Unearned income.
182-509-0330MAGI income -- Earned income.
182-509-0335MAGI income -- Educational benefits.
182-509-0340MAGI income -- American Indian/Alaska Native benefits and payments.
182-509-0345MAGI income -- Income from employment and training programs.
182-509-0350MAGI income -- Needs-based assistance from other agencies or organizations.
182-509-0355MAGI income -- Gifts and inheritances.
182-509-0360MAGI income -- How a child's income is counted.
182-509-0365MAGI income -- Self-employment income.
182-509-0370MAGI income -- How self-employment income is counted.
182-509-0375MAGI income -- Lump sums.
182-510-0001Washington apple health -- Supplemental security income (SSI) and associated categorically needy (CN).
182-510-0005What medical coverage does a supplemental security income client, essential person, and an ineligible spouse get?
182-510-0010What happens to my categorically needy (CN) medical coverage when my supplemental security income (SSI) cash payment is terminated?
182-511-1000Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Program description.
182-511-1050Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Program requirements.
182-511-1060Washington apple health -- Health care for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Income standard based on the federal poverty guidelines.
182-511-1100Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Retroactive coverage.
182-511-1150Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Disability requirements.
182-511-1200Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Employment requirements.
182-511-1250Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Premium payments.
182-512-0010Supplemental security income (SSI) standards; SSI-related categorically needy income level (CNIL); and countable resource standards.
182-512-0050SSI-related medical -- General information
182-512-0100SSI-related medical -- Categorically needy (CN) medical eligibility.
182-512-0150SSI-related medical -- Medically needy (MN) medical eligibility
182-512-0200SSI-related medical -- Definition of resources.
182-512-0250SSI-related medical -- Ownership and availability of resources.
182-512-0260SSI-related medical -- How to count a sponsor's resources.
182-512-0300SSI-related medical -- Resources eligibility.
182-512-0350SSI-related medical -- Property and contracts excluded as resources.
182-512-0400SSI-related medical -- Vehicles excluded as resources.
182-512-0450SSI-related medical -- Life insurance excluded as a resource.
182-512-0500SSI-related medical -- Burial funds, contracts and spaces excluded as resources.
182-512-0550SSI-related medical -- All other excluded resources.
182-512-0600SSI-related medical -- Definition of income.
182-512-0650SSI-related medical -- Available income.
182-512-0700SSI-related medical -- Income eligibility.
182-512-0750SSI-related medical -- Countable unearned income.
182-512-0760SSI-related medical -- Education assistance.
182-512-0770SSI-related medical -- American Indian/Alaska Native benefits and payments.
182-512-0780SSI-related medical -- Employment and training programs.
182-512-0785SSI-related medical -- Effect of a sponsor's income.
182-512-0790SSI-related medical -- Exemption from sponsor deeming.
182-512-0795SSI-related medical -- Budgeting a sponsor's income.
182-512-0800SSI-related medical -- General Income Exclusions
182-512-0820SSI-related medical -- Child-related income exclusions and allocations.
182-512-0840SSI-related medical -- Work- and agency-related income exclusions.
182-512-0860SSI-related medical -- Income exclusions under federal statute or other state laws.
182-512-0880SSI-related medical -- Special income disregards.
182-512-0900SSI-related medical -- Deeming and allocating of income.
182-512-0920SSI-related medical -- Deeming/allocation of income from nonapplying spouse.
182-512-0940SSI-related medical -- Deeming income from an ineligible parent(s) to a child applying for SSI-related medical.
182-512-0960SSI-related medical -- Allocating income -- How the agency considers income and resources when determining eligibility for a person applying for noninstitutional medicaid when another household member is receiving institutional medicaid.
182-513-1300Payment standard for persons in medical institutions.
182-513-1301Definitions related to long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1305Determining eligibility for SSI-related non-institutional medical assistance in an alternate living facility (ALF)
182-513-1315Eligibility for long-term care (institutional, home and community based (HCB) waiver, and hospice) services
182-513-1316General eligibility requirements for WAH longterm
182-513-1317Income and resource criteria for an institutionalized
182-513-1318Income and resource criteria for home and community
182-513-1319State-funded programs for noncitizen clients
182-513-1320Determining institutional status for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1325Determining available income for an SSI-related single client for long-term care (LTC) services (institutional, waiver or hospice).
182-513-1330Determining available income for legally married couples for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1340Determining excluded income for long-term care (LTC)
182-513-1345Determining disregarded income for institutional or hospice services under the medically needy (MN) program
182-513-1350Defining the resource standard and determining resource eligibility for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1363Evaluating the transfer of an asset for clients found eligible for long-term care (LTC) services on or after 5/1/2006
182-513-1364Evaluating the transfer of an asset made on or after April 1, 2003 for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1365Evaluating the transfer of an asset made on or after March 1, 1997, and before April 1, 2003, for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1366Evaluating the transfer of an asset made before March 1, 1997, for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1367Hardship waivers for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1380Determining a client's financial participation in the cost of care for long-term care (LTC) services
182-513-1395Determining eligibility for institutional or hospice services for individuals living in a medical institution under the medically needy (MN) program
182-513-1396Clients living in a fraternal, religious, or benevolent nursing facility
182-513-1397Treatment of entrance fees of individuals residing in continuing care retirement communities
182-513-1400Long-term care (LTC) partnership program (index)
182-513-1405Definitions-Long Term Partnership Program
182-513-1410What qualifies as a LTC partnership policy?
182-513-1415What assets can't be protected under the LTC partnership provisions?
182-513-1420Who is eligible for asset protection under a partnership policy?
182-513-1425When would I not qualify for LTC medicaid if I have a LTC partnership policy in pay status?
182-513-1430What change of circumstances must I report when I have a LTC partnership policy paying a portion of my care?
182-513-1435Will Washington recognize a LTC partnership policy purchased in another state?
182-513-1440How many of my assets can be protected?
182-513-1445How do I designate a protected asset and what proof is required?
182-513-1450How does transfer of assets affect LTC partnership and medicaid eligibility?
182-513-1455If I have protected assets under a LTC partnership policy, what happens after my death?
182-514-0230Washington apple health—MAGI-based long-term care program.
182-514-0240Washington apple health -- General eligibility requirements for MAGI-based long-term care program.
182-514-0245Washington apple health—Resource eligibility for MAGI-based long-term care program.
182-514-0250Washington apple health—MAGI-based long-term care program for adults age twenty-one or older.
182-514-0255Washington apple health -- MAGI-based long-term care program for young adults nineteen and twenty years of age.
182-514-0260Washington apple health -- MAGI-based long-term care coverage for children eighteen years of age or younger.
182-514-0265Washington apple health -- How the agency or its designee determines how much of an institutionalized person's income must be paid towards the cost of care for the MAGI-based long-term care program.
182-514-0270When an involuntary commitment to Eastern or Western State Hospital is covered by medicaid.
182-515-1500Payment standard for persons in certain group living facilities
182-515-1505Long-term care home and community based services and hospice
182-515-1506What are the general eligibility requirements for home and community based (HCB) services authorized by home and community services (HCS) and hospice?
182-515-1507What are the financial requirements for home and community based (HCB) services authorized by home and community services (HCS) when you are eligible for a non institutional SSI-related categorically needy (CN) medicaid program?
182-515-1508How does the department determine if you are financially eligible for home and community based (HCB) services authorized by HCS and hospice if you are not eligible for Medicaid under a categorically needy (CN) program listed in WAC 182-515-1507(1)?
182-515-1509How does the department determine how much of my income I must pay towards the cost of my care if I am only eligible for home and community based (HCB) services under WAC 182-515-1508?
182-515-1510Division of developmental disabilities administrator (DDA) home and community based HCB waivers
182-515-1511What are the general eligibility requirements for waiver services under the developmental disabilities administration(DDA) home and community based (HCB) waivers?
182-515-1512What are the financial requirements for the DDA waiver services if I am eligible for Medicaid under the noninstitutional categorically needy program (CN)
182-515-1513How does the department determine if I am financially eligible for DDA waiver service medical coverage if I am not eligible for Medicaid under a categorically needy program (CN) listed in WAC 182-515-1512 (1)?
182-515-1514How does the department determine how much of my income I must pay towards the cost of my DDA waiver services if I am not eligible for Medicaid under a categorically needy program (CN) listed in WAC 182-515-1512(1)?
182-515-1540Medically needy residential waiver (MNRW) program
182-515-1550Medically needy in-home waiver (MNIW)
182-516-0200Annuities established prior to April 1, 2009
182-516-0201Annuities established on or after April 1, 2009
182-516-0300Life estates
182-517-0100Medicare savings programs--Monthly income standards.
182-517-0300Federal Medicare savings and state-funded Medicare buy-in programs.
182-517-0310Eligibility for federal Medicare savings and state-funded Medicare buy-in programs
182-517-0320Medicare savings and state-funded Medicare buy-in programs cover some client costs.
182-518-0005Washington apple health -- Notice requirements -- General.
182-518-0010Washington apple health -- Notice requirements approval and denial notices.
182-518-0015Washington apple health -- Notice requirements for verification requests
182-518-0020Washington apple health -Notice requirements -- Renewals.
182-518-0025Washington apple health -- Notice requirements -- Changes in and terminations of coverage. 
182-518-0030Washington apple health -- Notice requirements -- Electronic notices.
182-519-0050Monthly income and countable resource standards for medically needy (MN).
182-519-0100Eligibility for the medically needy program
182-519-0110Spenddown of excess income for the medically needy program
182-520-0005Washington apple health fraud referrals and overpayments
182-520-0010Washington apple health overpayments resulting from an administrative hearing.
182-523-0100Washington apple health--Health care extension.
182-523-0130Medical extensions--Redetermination.
182-526-0005What is the purpose and scope of this chapter?
182-526-0010What definitions apply to this chapter?
182-526-0015Terms in the Administrative Procedure Act compared to this chapter
182-526-0020Good cause.
182-526-0025Use and location of the office of administrative hearings
182-526-0030Contacting the board of appeals.
182-526-0035Calculating when a hearing deadline ends.
182-526-0040Sending documents to another party, the office of administrative hearings, or to the board of appeals.
182-526-0045Serving documents.
182-526-0070Filing documents
182-526-0080Resolving a dispute with the health care authority.
182-526-0085Determining if a hearing right exists.
182-526-0090Authority to request a hearing.
182-526-0095What if you have questions about requesting a hearing? (Emergency rule effective 6/10/12.)
182-526-0105Required information for requesting a hearing.
182-526-0110Process after a hearing is requested.
182-526-0112Rescheduling a hearing.
182-526-0115Withdrawing the request for hearing.
182-526-0120Interpreter services for hearings.
182-526-0130Limited-English-proficient parties--Notice requirements.
182-526-0140Waiving interpreter services.
182-526-0145Interpreter requirements.
182-526-0150Hearing decisions involving limited-English-proficient parties.
182-526-0155Appellant's representation in the hearing.
182-526-0156Legal assistance in the hearing process.
182-526-0157Requirements to appear and represent a party in the administrative hearing process.
182-526-0170Representation of the health care authority in the hearing process.
182-526-0175Prehearing meetings.
182-526-0185Settlement agreements.
182-526-0195Prehearing conferences.
182-526-0200Enrollee appeals of a managed care organization action.
182-526-0215Authority of the administrative law judge when conducting a hearing.
182-526-0216Communications and Program Support Specialist
182-526-0218The authority of a review judge when conducting a hearing as a presiding officer.
182-526-0220Rules and laws an administrative law judge and review judge must apply when conducting a hearing or making a decision.
182-526-0221Using the index of significant decisions.
182-526-0230Assigning an administrative law judge to a hearing.
182-526-0235Requesting a different judge.
182-526-0240Filing a motion of prejudice.
182-526-0245Disqualifying an administrative law judge or review judge.
182-526-0250Time requirements for notices issued by the office of administrative hearings.
182-526-0255Notice of hearing.
182-526-0260Amending the health care authority or managed care organization notice.
182-526-0265Amending hearing requests.
182-526-0270Mailing address changes.
182-526-0280Requesting a continuance.
182-526-0285Orders of dismissal.
182-526-0290Retaining a hearing after an order of dismissal.
182-526-0310Requesting a stay of the health care authority action.
182-526-0315Requiring witnesses to testify or provide documents.
182-526-0340Hearing location.
182-526-0345Administrative law judge present at the hearing.
182-526-0350Recording the hearing.
182-526-0355Persons who may attend the hearing.
182-526-0360Changing how a hearing is held or how a witness appears at a hearing.
182-526-0370Submitting documents for a telephonic hearing.
182-526-0375Summary of the hearing process.
182-526-0380Group hearing requests and withdrawals.
182-526-0387Requesting that a hearing be consolidated or severed when multiple agencies are parties to the proceeding.
182-526-0440Judicial notice.
182-526-0480Burden of proof.
182-526-0485Standard of proof.
182-526-0495Equitable estoppel.
182-526-0500Hearing record.
182-526-0512Contents of the hearing record.
182-526-0520Information which must be included in the ALJ's initial order.
182-526-0525When initial orders become final
182-526-0530How to correct or appeal an initial order.
182-526-0540How clerical errors are corrected in the initial orders.
182-526-0545How a party requests a corrected initial order.
182-526-0550Deadline for a party to request a corrected initial order.
182-526-0555What happens when a party requests a corrected administrative law judge decision? (Emergency rule effective 6/10/12.)
182-526-0560What is review of an initial order by a review judge? (Emergency rule effective 6/10/12.)
182-526-0565Evidence a review judge considers in reviewing an initial order.
182-526-0570Request for review of an initial order.
182-526-0575What must a party include in the review request (Emergency rule effective 6/10/12.)
182-526-0580Deadline for requesting review of an initial order by a review judge.
182-526-0590Response to a request for review.
182-526-0595Process after review response deadline.
182-526-0600Authority of the review judge.
182-526-0605Reconsideration of a final order by a review judge.
182-526-0620Deadline for requesting reconsideration.
182-526-0630Responding to a reconsideration request.
182-526-0635Process after a party requests reconsideration.
182-526-0640Judicial review of a final order.
182-526-0645Deadline for petition for judicial review and filing requirements.
182-526-0647Exhaustion of administrative remedies required.
182-526-0650Service of petition for judicial review.
182-527-2733Estate liability
182-527-2737Deferring recovery.
182-527-2740Age when recovery applies
182-527-2742Services subject to recovery
182-527-2750Delay of recovery for undue hardship
182-527-2754Assets not subject to recovery and other limits on recovery
182-527-2790Filing liens
182-527-2810Life estates and joint tenancy
182-527-2820Liens prior to death
182-527-2830Request for notice of transfer or encumbrance
182-527-2840Termination of request for notice of transfer or encumbrance
182-527-2850Notice of transfer or encumbrance
182-527-2860Interest assessed on past due debt
182-527-2870Serving notice on the office of financial recovery (OFR)
182-532-0700TAKE CHARGE program--Purpose
182-532-0720TAKE CHARGE program -- Eligibility.
182-538-0060Managed care and choice.
182-538-0061Voluntary enrollment into managed care -- Washington medicaid integration partnership (WMIP).
182-538-0063Managed care for medical care services clients.
182-538-0065Medicaid-eligible basic health (BH) enrollees.