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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy

Apple Health (Medicaid) and Autism

The Health Care Authority offers an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy benefit to all Apple Health for Kids clients with a diagnosis in the Autism Spectrum Disorder classification.

We help families and Apple Health enrolled providers arrange for these children to access medically necessary services that they may need to use to access this federally approved benefit.

In order for a child or youth to be eligible for ABA therapy through Apple Health/Medicaid, a recognized Center of Excellence (COE) must conduct a comprehensive evaluation, and write an order for Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, within the last two years.

Apple Health/Medicaid reviews the COE's submitted evaluation and paperwork and HCA will issue letter directly to the family about the child's approval to receive ABA therapy. When the family receives an approval letter for ABA therapy, the family is responsible to contact the Medicaid enrolled ABA providers (see list in box above) to decide which provider will work best with the family. In many cases, providers have waiting lists and a family may find it helpful to get their child's name on multiple providers' waiting lists.

If you treat a child or are the parent of a child covered by Medicaid who has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and you believe the child is a candidate for Applied Behavior Analysis therapy or needs a consultation with a ABA provider, please contact

Below is an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis Benefit model that primary care providers, provider staff who work with Children's Administration, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Regional Support Networks, Managed Care, Department of Early Learning, and other Health Care Authority stakeholders may find helpful:

University of Washington BCBA Distance Education Program

The University of Washington (UW) established a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) cohort program in fall of 2012 utilizing distance education technology to bring the program to students. The revised program allows the UW to continue live synchronous instruction while utilizing a new delivery platform - Blackboard Collaborate. This technology allows students from all over the Pacific Northwest to access the course of study from any location with a computer, broadband internet access, and a headset microphone. For more information visit the UW's website or call Terry Werner at 206- 221-3060.

Resources for providers

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