Information about Apple Health (Medicaid) client data breach

The personal information of Apple Health (Medicaid) clients was inappropriately handled by a former Health Care Authority employee. This information included clients’ Social Security numbers, dates of birth, client IDs, contact information, and private health information.

We at the Health Care Authority know that a data breach is upsetting to those affected by it, and we apologize for the concern this incident may cause. While we have no evidence that the information was inappropriately used, we are taking steps to provide as much information as possible to affected clients, give them resources to protect their credit, and help ensure this does not happen again.

Our actions include:

  • Sending a letter to each impacted client with information about the breach and steps they can take to protect their information. See sample letters:

  • Offering free credit monitoring for 12 months to impacted clients.

  • Providing a toll-free number for clients to call with questions. (1-877-866-9702)