Integrated Physical and Behavioral Health Care

Integrating physical and behavioral health care purchasing

The state will fully integrate the financing and delivery of physical health services, mental health services and chemical dependency services in the Medicaid program through managed health care by 2020. As the state moves toward a regional Medicaid purchasing approach it creates a pathway for regions to "opt-in" and fully integrate physical and behavioral health care purchasing.

Historically, the state has purchased mental health and substance use treatment services through two separate systems: regional support networks and counties. Both services are purchased by regionally operated Behavioral Health Organizations (see BHO map​) through a managed care structure except in Clark and Skamania counties, which have moved to the fully integrated model described above.


Comment drafts ​Sample contract for request for proposals Final​

Fully integrated managed care (Medicaid)

April 2015 draft Apple Health contract and procurement letter for public comment Medicaid RFP Medicaid
Fully integrated managed care (non-Medicaid) June 2015 draft Apple Health contract and procurement letter for public comment Non-Medicaid RFP Non-Medicaid​
​Behavioral Health-Administrative Service Organization August 2015 draft behavioral health - administrative service organization (BH-ASO) contract BH-ASO RFP Crisis services


Fact sheets and FAQs

The following fact sheets provide additional information on behavioral and physical health care integration in Washington State, and regionalized Medicaid purchasing.


External resources


Consumer materials on behavioral health support

Consumers in Southwest Washington who would like to stay engaged on behavioral health activities may want to consider connecting with one of the programs listed below.  

Also see the Early Adopter Resources page for additional materials about physical and behavioral health integration in Southwest Washington.

Timeline outlines path to integrated managed care for Apple Health by 2017

Regional service areas interested in expediting the transition to whole-person care may elect to implement the Apple Health Fully Integrated Managed Care program in their region before 2020. In a joint announcement from the Health Care Authority and the Department of Social and Health Services, an implementation timeline has been prepared to guide interested parties.

See the announcement

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