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In January 2014, the Washington State Health Care Innovation Plan (Healthier Washington) listed Medicaid Health Information Exchange as the key to support the four core improvement elements critical in the acceleration of statewide efforts to improve the quality and cost-efficiency of care provided for the Medicaid lives we cover. OneHealthPort (OHP), working with HCA, is exploring single platform care-management tools and services to support increased electronic exchange of real-time clinical data which is bringing new HIE capabilities that enable breakthroughs in connected and coordinated care delivery in our state.  Health Care Authority Director and executives host a panel discussion on statewide Health Information Exchange for Washington State. Follow this link to the 25 minute presentation.

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Upcoming Outreach and Important Dates

January 29th - HIE Inter-Agency Update Meeting
January 29th - HIE meeting with MCOs
February 5th - HIE Inter-Agency Communication Workgroup
February 11th - EHR presentation at HCA’s Tribal Billing Workgroup
February 5th - Program Year attestation deadline for Eligible Professionals (EPs)




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Important EHR Attestation Deadlines

February 28, 2015: Attestation deadline for eligible professionals. 

Note: The attestation must be finished in eMIPP by midnight of the deadline date. Please make sure you have registered early at CMS (if you haven’t already). CMS gets over-burdened during the deadline period and transfer of information slows down. This may cause you to miss the deadline.

Start early, finish on time! 

For the new 2014 Meaningful Use Attestation documents, please follow the link below. These documents will be under "Meaningful Use Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2".