Apple Health for Kids is a Washington State initiative aimed at streamlining applications for children's health care coverage. Many Washington children are still uncovered, even though they are eligible. Their parents just don't know the coverage is available. Don't make that mistake. Health care coverage doesn't just help when your children are sick. It also covers preventative care like immunizations, physical exams, and even dental check-ups. If your children need coverage, apply today!


Washington Apple Health for Kids brings together children's medical programs under one umbrella. Families only need to complete one application. If your family meets the income eligibility standards, your children will be eligible. Just find your income and family size on a chart. This will tell you if your children are eligible and if you will need to pay a premium for their coverage. You may also apply now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Renewing Your Child's Medical

Each year, families need to provide proof that they remain eligible for the program. The forms are quick and easy to complete. More information here.