UMP Classic

​​For questions about UMP Classic, call UMP Customer Service at 1-888-849-3681.

Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) Classic is a preferred-provider health plan that is self-insured by the State of Washington, and administered by Regence BlueShield and Washington State Rx Services. The two companies negotiate discounted prices for health services and products from hospitals, clinics, doctors, drug stores, therapists, diagnostic laboratories, and others.

UMP Classic offers eligible participants the flexibility to choose doctors and other health-care providers. Those who agree to the discounts are known as preferred providers and you can save money by using them.

Within the preferred-provider network, UMP members usually pay 15 percent coinsurance (their share of the negotiated fee between the plan and the provider), after paying the annual medical deductible. For prescription drugs, you may pay as little as 5 percent coinsurance. You must pay a prescription-drug deductible for brand-name prescription drugs before the plan pays toward these. For most health-care services and products, members may use providers outside the preferred network, but UMP Classic will not cover as much of the cost.

UMP Classic provides free preventive care services to members, including annual physical exams, screening mammograms and colonoscopies, many immunizations, and routine hearing and vision exams.

To help you decide if UMP Classic is right for you, see Compare the Plans.