10/1/2014Update on HealthPath Washington 9-17-14014-079
9/30/2014Enrollment updates posted monthly 9-30-14014-078
9/12/2014WA Health Centers Receive $7.5M 9-12-14014-077
8/13/2014Medicaid enrollment specialist--Davenport 8-30-14014-075
8/1/2014Governor submits SIM application for innovation grant 7-21-14014-074
8/1/2014PEBB approves new state employee premiums 7-31-14014-073
8/1/2014Help for Apple Health (Medicaid) wildfire victims 7-31-14014-072
6/17/2014Regional specialists in White Salmon ready to help with Apple Health enrollment 6-17-14014-071
6/16/2014Washington State awards $485,000 in planning grants 6-13-14014-070
6/5/2014Perfomance Measures Committee selected 6-5-14014-065
6/5/2014Fostering Well-Being program receives award 6-3-14014-064
5/20/2014Apple Health enrollment report 5-20-14014-062
5/9/2014Apple Health enrollment report 5-9-14014-059
5/9/2014Apple Health enrollment map 5-9-14014-058
5/8/2014Bree website relocated 5-8-14014-057
5/2/2014Health Planning Grant Opportunities 5-2-14014-056
4/24/2014HCA seeks nominations for new Performance Measures Committee014-054
4/24/2014Breast and cervical cancer coverage restored 4-24-14014-053
4/23/2014Apple Health enrollment map 4-17-14014-052
4/23/2014Apple Health enrollment report 4-17-14014-051
4/8/2014WA State, King County to explore accountable health care delivery and payment models014-050
4/2/2014State exceeds its Medicaid enrollment target - graphic014-049
4/2/2014Apple Health smashes enrollment target014-048
4/2/2014Apple Health enrollment map as of 3-27-14014-047
4/2/2014Apple Health enrollment report 4-1-14014-046
4/1/2014NR 014-045 Medicaid enrollment open year-around014-045
3/27/2014Medicaid help for mudslide victims 3-27-14014-043
3/25/2014Apple Health enrollment report 3-25-14014-042
3/25/2014Apple Health enrollment map_Mar 24 2014014-041
3/25/2014Apple Health may aid in Stillaguamish tragedy 3-24-14014-040